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About Calvey Automation, llc

Starting with PLC 2’s and 3’s and handheld SLC 150’s communicating with DH+ or serial to Panelviews running Panelbuilder we have grown and adapted in our field that is now using AOI’s and UDT’s. In an ever-changing environment to meet the demands and needs of manufacturing and process standards, we have had to learn an entire toolbox of platforms designed and developed by Allen Bradley. Long gone are the days of only needing to know PLC and HMI software. We are ready and capable to help you achieve your needs whether it is in a Process or Motion environment as an OEM, Integrator, Contractor, or Producer. We have systems in 13 countries running in just about every industry. We can cover your needs in roles as an Integrator, Project Engineer, Field Service Technician, or even build enclosures offering Turn Key solutions. Reach out to us and lets see what we can do together.

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